Corporate Governance

Strength, Stability and Trust

Through the exemplary experience and leadership of Community 1st Bank's board and management team, our bank maintains capital ratios and liquidity levels far in excess of what regulators require and what our peer group maintains. This not only reassures our customers and provides a strong competitive advantage but it also makes us nimble, able to capture unique opportunities in the marketplace that our competitors simply cannot afford.

Local Ownership, Local Focus, Local Knowledge

When banks take loan losses it is often because they've ventured into areas and markets that they do not know or understand. We avoid these risks because we are locally owned by a management team that knows the communities we serve. But this knowledge and focus gives us power too, to be to be creative and flexible for our customers and yet still operate safely without assuming unnecessary risks. It's a competitive edge our customers respect and recognize.

Community Commitment

Our name is our mission — wisely serving our local communities. It's not just about banking. Our level of community involvement is unmatched: many significant non-profits in the Sacramento region has a representative of our bank at either their board, executive or staff level. We actively sponsor and volunteer at important community events. This makes the bank vital and visible, a true community leader.

Relationship Focused — Premier Service

We're hands-on as management of Community 1st banking operations with senior management and/or directors deeply involved in every part of the organization. Extensive communication and training is our daily management style. And because we operate in a manner that aligns our customers' interests with ours, we build an honest, direct partnership with our customer base which they appreciate in this age of financial double talk. This partnership and honesty builds loyalty to Community 1st in these tough times which we believe will be reciprocated generously to us as the economy turns around.