Bushnell Landscape Industries Inc.

Bushnell plants its faith in Community 1st Bank

Dave Bushnell has fond memories of his idyllic boyhood days when his family's Granite Bay property and the surrounding area was mostly uninhabited.

But Granite Bay and the Bushnell property are hardly rural enclaves any longer. Although still technically part of Roseville, Granite Bay has more than 20,000 people and many of them visit Bushnell Landscape Industries Inc. for a variety of reasons.

This multi-faceted business goes against the grain – Bushnell didn't follow the specialty route. It's a one-stop place for its many customers, who utilize this massive location off Douglas Boulevard as a nursery to buy trees and plants, seek landscaping and architecture expertise, or line up someone for maintenance of their property.

The Bushnell property was once a rural piece of land off Douglas Boulevard that served as both a Christmas-tree farm and a place to raise sheep.

But those days are long gone.

Bushnell Gardens Nursery is a large-scale business that has 100-plus employees. Despite its size, Dave Bushnell doesn't seek out a large-scale institution for his banking needs. Bushnell prefers staying local, choosing Community 1st Bank for a variety of reasons.

"Community 1st Bank provides us with that personal care and attention to handle and manage all of our needs," said Bushnell, the founder and CEO of Bushnell Landscape Industries Inc. "Big banks have a hard time getting their arms around us and all that we do. With Community 1st Bank, there's no red tape and no big bureaucracy to deal with. Their service extends right up to the President of the bank. I love that personal touch that a great community bank provides."

The testimonial is echoed by many other area businesses that see the value in the personal care bestowed on them by Community 1st Bank.

"We're sincere about establishing relationships and providing excellent services," "said Robert Haydon, President & CEO of Community 1st Bank. "We operate our bank according to the highest standards of sound banking principles. We're a bank that is run by people you'll get to know, and who want to get to know you. Our goal is the same as your goal – having you realize your financial dreams."