Bates Winter & Mistretta LLP

Attorney Privilege: Law Firm Forges Successful Partnership with Community 1st Bank

When the litigation law firm of Bates Winter & Mistretta LLP was formed in 2011, one of the first things that needed to take place was finding a suitable bank that could help launch the business.

Feeling confident in the business acumen and attorney expertise of co-founders Mark Bates and David Winter, Community 1st Bank stepped forward to fund the "start-up" company.

"Community 1st Bank was incredibly helpful and responsive right from the very start. The Bank even offered to lift boxes and move furniture when we were moving into our offices!" Winter recalls.

A group of experienced attorneys with a proven track record of success throughout California, it didn't take long for Bates Winter & Mistretta to establish itself and build a sizable list of clients.

The business has grown so rapidly over the past two-plus years that the firm had to move into a larger office, which it now occupies at 925 Highland Pointe Drive in Roseville. Bates Winter & Mistretta LLP has 12 employees, including six full-time and one part-time attorney.

"We put the financing together to get Bates Winter & Mistretta started and it's been amazing to see the tremendous pace of growth they've experienced," said Luke Parnell, Senior Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer for Community 1st Bank. "I'm impressed with how fast they outgrew their first office. Bates Winter & Mistretta is a great success story."

The law firm specializes in all aspects of civil litigation, from the initial pleadings, through discovery, trial and appeal – if necessary. Bates Winter & Mistretta has the ability to handle a case from beginning to end and provides special insight to pinpoint the key legal and factual issues that lead to an efficient, cost effective, and successful conclusion.

"Both Mark and I have relationships we have developed with our clients – several of whom we have worked with for more than 25 years," Winter said. "We get a lot of referrals and so does Lauren Mistretta, our other partner who brings a lot of energy to our firm. Part of the reason we've been successful is simply through hard work."

Winter says his firm values that same quality in a bank.

"Community 1st Bank has diligently worked with us from the very start and has been a partner in our success," Winter said. "The Bank does things quickly and efficiently and we have a tremendous relationship that we really value."