Are my Community 1st Bank deposits fully insured by the FDIC?

Yes! Each individual customer's account is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per deposit customer. FDIC insurance is based on account ownership and is unique to each depositor. You can determine your specific account coverage by visiting the FDIC's official website.

Does your bank offer online banking with bill pay services?

Yes, for both Personal and Business accounts.

Does your bank offer a mobile app?

Yes, check us out in the Google Play store or the App store.

Is the online banking compatible with Quickbooks?

Yes, our online banking product is compatible with Quicken, Quickbooks and transactions can be exported for use with other software programs as well.

Do you offer free checking?

Yes, check out our deposit products page to find the right product for you.

Is your ATM/Debit card useable at other banks without a service charge?

Community 1st Bank is part of the MoneyPass ATM Network allowing you to make ATM withdrawals with no fees at other participating locations. Visit www.moneypass.com to locate the fee-free ATM nearest you.

Is cash deposited in the ATM available immediately?

Cash deposited in the ATM is not available until the next business day after the deposit. The first $100.00 of a deposit has immediate availability.

How do I report my ATM card as lost or stolen?

Please report all lost or stolen ATM cards immediately to 1.800.500.1044.

What if there are unauthorized transactions on my account?

Please report all unauthorized transactions to your local branch immediately. For electronic transactions such as ACH and ATM transactions additional forms will need to be completed. For ACH transactions please complete the Stop Payment Form ACH or for ATM transactions the Card Holder Statement of Dispute.

What is the difference between Available Balance and Current Balance?

Current balance is the balance after prior night processing, available balances is updated throughout the day and is reflective of branch transaction, on line banking transactions, ATM transactions, and incoming checks and ACH transactions.

Does your bank offer customer friendly hours?

Yes, we offer multiple ways to conduct your bank transactions. We have branch locations with convenient lobby hours and a drive up window at our Auburn Downtown branch. After hour access includes night drop and ATM services at each branch, plus online banking right at your computer.

Do you have Notary services available for clients?

Yes, please contact your branch to schedule an appointment. Non-bank documents will be charged a $10 fee per signature per document.

How do I get more checks?

You can visit or call your local branch to place a check order or you can order online through online banking.

Do you have money orders or cashiers checks?

Community 1st Bank does not offer money orders, but we do offer cashiers checks for clients.