2014 SBA Award Recipient

Community/Rural Lender of the Year

Community 1st Bank is locally owned and focused with their eyes on Main Street, not Wall Street. They take the time to build working relationships with their customers, based on their customer's needs. These include a safe, strong, responsive bank that keeps costs down by operating efficiently, providing real service and value.

With roots in the Sacramento region, they are committed to making a real difference in the communities they serve. They are involved in many significant community organizations and provide leadership and financial expertise at the grassroot level. Their participation in community events and philanthropic organizations as sponsors and volunteers, and their support of he local business environment makes Community 1st Bank a vital and visible member of all the communities that they serve.

In this economic environment, most banks are downsizing, but because Community 1st Bank is well capitalized and manages their assets conservatively, they are expanding: hiring, writing loans, growing with their customers and communities. They believe that their loyalty to their customers and communities in these lean times will be reciprocated when the good times return.

Community 1st Bank offers a wide range of products; however, they recognize that some customers have special needs. They are committed to developing customized banking solutions wherever possible. They have learned how to strike that delicate balance between innovative technology-based banking solutions, while maintaining a personal touch for their clients' values.

Community 1st Bank employs the Golden Rule when it comes to working with their clients and treats every customer with the respect and consideration that they hope to gain for themselves. These are the customers they want––customers who want a banking partner, not just a bank.

Small Business…The Heartbeat of America!