Sunrise Shoes

Sunrise Shoes Enjoys Comfortable Fit with Community 1st Bank

Established in 1986, Sunrise Shoes has become a national leader in the prosthetic, orthotic and pedorthic business. The company pays great attention to detail and that's a quality it was looking for when it began searching for a banking relationship. Like a customized shoe, the relationship between Sunrise Shoes and Community 1st Bank has been a good fit from the start.

"The staff at Community 1st Bank understands our needs as a small business," said Peter Wong, CEO for Sunrise Shoes and Pedorthic Service. "If we have a problem, our banker is there for us. We have a great relationship."

"In today's challenging business environment, Community 1st Bank is at the front of the line, helping companies navigate the ever-changing economy," said Steve Budiono, Senior Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager with Community 1st Bank. "Sunrise Shoes and Pedorthic Service is a unique business that often needs a quick turnaround on decisions and we're able to accommodate them."

Located at 3127 Fite Circle, Suite G, in Sacramento, Sunrise Shoes is a specialty clinical and manufacturing service-based organization working with individuals and larger organizations.